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In an imminent emergency always dial 911
Call or text 988 for the suicide hotline

Tips for
Family & Friends

*This page is for informational purposes only. It should not be used as a means of crisis intervention.
  • Listen non-judgmentally.

  • Be a caring presence.

  • Inquire about their well-being.

  • Ask what type of support will be most helpful.

  • Encourage involvement in activities the person enjoys.

  • Ask the question, "Are you feeling so badly that you are considering suicide?" If the answer is "yes", seek more information, and know how to refer them to help.

    • If so, keep a copy of the safety plan in an easy to access location (in their purse/wallet, on their cellphone, top dresser drawer, bedside table, on the fridge).

  • If someone is actively suicidal do not leave them alone.

  • Seek assistance for them and yourself. You cannot do this alone. 

Crisis Connections

National Suicide Hotline:


OSU Harding Hospital Inpatient Admissions:

(614) 293-8205 | Option 1 


(614) 276-CARE (2273)  

Seniors Suicide Hotline:

(614) 294-3309 

Franklin County Youth Psychiatric Crisis Line:

(614) 722-1800

Mental Health of America:

(614) 221-1441 (free counseling) 

24 HR Crisis Text Support:

Text the word "start" to 741-741.

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