Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get lung cancer screening?

Lung cancer screening is highly recommended for people who have no symptoms but are at high risk of lung cancer. Smokers and former smokers who are 50 years and older are advised to go for a low-dose CT scan once a year. This includes people with a history of lung cancer.

However, screening is not a substitute for smoking. Smoking remains to be one of the biggest risk factors for lung cancer and quitting smoking is still the best way to reduce your risk of lung cancer.

Why is it important to get lung cancer screening tests?

Lung cancer screening tests are a vital process that is used to detect lung cancer in high-risk individuals who are otherwise healthy. It is most recommended for older adults who are long-time smokers and are not showing any signs or symptoms of lung cancer.

While there are some risks associated with low-dose CT scanning, the benefits of the test far outweigh the risks – studies show that lung cancer screening reduces the risk of death.