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Neuropsychological Testing

What is a pediatric neuropsychologist?

A pediatric neuropsychologist is a clinical psychologist with special training and expertise in brain development and its relationship to learning and behavior.

What is a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation?

A neuropsychological evaluation is formal testing of brain functioning or “thinking” skills, such as memory, attention, processing speed and intelligence. The information gathered from the evaluation identifies strengths and weaknesses in brain functioning in order to best understand how a child, adolescent or young adult thinks, learns and behaves. Recommendations are developed based on the results of the evaluation in order to help improve the child/adolescent’s functioning. Recommendations are provided to families, and can also be provided to teachers and medical professionals.

Who might need a neuropsychological evaluation?

Children/adolescents/young adults with a neurological or medical diagnosis or any developmental concerns that may be affecting their learning or functioning including the following:​

Epilepsy/Seizures | Traumatic Brain Injury | Stroke | Brain Infection/Encephalitis |Prematurity |Prenatal Substance Exposure | Chronic Heart Problems | Genetic Disorders | Spina Bifida | Neurofibromatosis | Hydrocephalus | Cerebral Palsy | Brain Tumor | Treatment of Childhood Cancer | Lead Exposure | Learning Disability | ADHD

What should I expect when scheduling an evaluation with Dr. Monahan?

A one-hour intake session is scheduled to gather information and develop a plan. Dr. Monahan meets with a child’s parents/guardian (and/or the individual in the case of a young adult). This appointment may or may not be scheduled the same day as testing. Testing itself generally ranges from 4—7 hours. This may be done over 1—2 appointments. The family is scheduled for an appointment to review the results and recommendations within a couple of weeks of the evaluation. The results and recommendations are also written up in a report format, and a copy of the comprehensive report is provided.

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